Saturday, 4 December 2010

Half a century, not out!

I sit here contemplating my last day of being 40 'something'. Tomorrow shuffles in the age of the big F ( said with a big F too!!)  How will you be celebrating I hear you ask - working is the answer - smiling at the public and willing them to buy my creations ( think of the money!) Such is life!!
Time for a little reflection of the past 50 years  I think - watch this blog!
Happy Birthday me!
Might need one of these!


  1. Tomorrow is my hubby's BIRTHDAY TOO!!! He turns 40. Happy Birthday to you! I am looking forward to your reflections...

  2. A very very happy birthday to you for tomorrow. The big 'F'is not so bad, Young enough to still have va va voom and old enough to know better...but don't care! I have now reached and overtaken the next I let that slow me down...not likely.
    Hope your show brings all smiles so that you can still enjoy the day.

  3. hahaha you might need the exsinguisher haha!
    have a lovely 50th birthday with lots of costumers and loads of money in your pocket!
    love, riet:)

  4. Happy Birthday! I mean it... really.. be happy. The big F is not scary. Now you are allowed to do anything you want! Say what you want, dress how you want, eat what you want, like and dislike who you want, everything and anything!!!! Have a lot of fun :-)). Hugzz...Peebee

  5. Happy belated birthday to you (and Merry Christmas!!)
    I'm 51, so I can tell you that it's not as scary as it seems, once you get past the actual 'day'!!
    ...and Peebee is right-one big F allows for the use of another big F from time to time! :)