Monday, 29 November 2010

A little chilly!

Well actually it is b#**¤y freezing! I know we live in Finland but it doesn't usually get this cold until at least January - currently minus 15 degrees C and falling. I wouldn't mind so much but on Thursday I start Day 1 of a 5 day craft fair in Helsinki - Naisten Messut at Wanha Satama, Thursday 2nd to Monday 6th December, if you are in town! So lots of standing at bus and tram stops to get to the venue, leave in the dark, get home in the dark. Also to boot I will be working on my Birthday!
Actually I am looking forward to it very much - I have a good stash to sell, usually good company from other vendors and lots of enthusiastic people looking for Christmas gifts. Minus 5 degress would be OK!!!


  1. good luck at the fair, and to comfort you: in holland we have snow and frost too. love, riet:)

  2. Really freezing here too. I forgot to bring my aloe vera in and it looks like an ice lolly. I think I have committed bloody murder on it and feel terrible!
    Lots of luck at the fair, I wish I were over there to come along. One day we hope to come back to Finalnd and will seek you out. It's a promise!