Wednesday, 17 November 2010

3 years ago

Something changed. Not something I would wish on anyone but it happened. It does. Type 1 Diabetes entered our lives and is here to stay. Have we changed? Yes , but in a positive way  I think. I have always been a great believer in living each day to the full - even more so now. We will not hold back  because of Diabetes.
I cannot spend each day waiting for the worst to happen as I know it can. Perhaps 20 years of working in hospitals with sick people has hardened me a little.
 I have 2 amazing children, a wonderful husband, the best Mum and Dad plus 2 brothers and their great families. Would I change anything? Probably not - This is who we are now. Having said that a cure would be the best thing ever, not for me but for my son.


  1. What a fantastic attitude. You make me feel quite humble, the way we complain about the least little thing. I add my wishes to yours that one day (and soon) they will find a cure, but in the meantime you have my complete admiration. Good luck, good life to you all and hugs for your son.

  2. WOW 3 years!? I remember the first 2 years being a little rough...but #3 and now #4... things are pretty good. Do we hit rough spells? Sure. But I try to stay positive and I will NEVER let "d" slow Joe down.

    Love to you on this Diaversary friend. You handle it with grace. I am glad to be on this journey with you and so many other D Mamas out there. You guys are my sanity.

  3. it's great that you take life for better and for worse. love, riet:)

  4. As the mum of Feltfinland i want to add my comment. Moo you have handle what has been thrown at you with an amazing spirt, I admire you greatly, yes you have 2 wonderful children and quite rightly Diabetes will not goven your life - I know you wont let it. Dad and I may not see a cure but rest asured one will come until it does cary on living the life you do as you say to the full. AND Happy Birthday for the 5th ( I wont add the magic number !!!
    love to you all.

  5. My eldest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes this past summer just after her 25th birthday. I think I'm still reeling a bit from the diagnosis. Luckily, she seems to be taking it in stride, but it does change one's attitude, doesn't it? My very best wishes to your family...for health, every kind of healing and a cure.

  6. Congratulations, you have come so far! Look what you have accomplished this year alone! Much love to you!