Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Fruitful times

I spent a very pleasant hour or so at the weekend, wandering in the woods near our summer cottage. There are so many mushrooms around at the moment and I managed to find a few chanterelles, some trumpet chanterelles (great for soup) and also some veriseitikki(bloodied webcap) - for wool dyeing.
Here are the webcaps brewing away on the decking out back.

There are down sides to wandering in the woods at the moment - I wasn't sure if I should be more worried about becoming a snack for a bear(one was spotted near the cabin not long ago) or being mistaken for an elk(elk hunting started on Saturday!) I am happy to say my little walk was most uneventful and I even managed to escape the invasion of the Elk flies(think of spiders with wings)
My husband wasn't so lucky and came back from mushroom hunt literally covered in them - he even found one the next morning, crawling in his hair. Persistent little so and so's!!
A more pleasant photo - Autumn, summed up beautifully!

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