Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Thank you Moo!

I am a huge fan of and in particular their mini cards - which I use as fantastic business cards. I can use pictures of my work on the cards which makes them very eyecatching. However I have found a new function for Moo minicards - as a child damage limitation device!
At the craft fair I attended in Helsinki at the weekend, people were greatly cheered by my table full of aliens and viruses amongst other things.
However, as much as I don't mined people picking them up, some little people were hell bent on 'mangling' them. Enter the Moo mincard and they had their own little Alien to take hope - all happy - me, stressed parents and little one!
Thank you Moo :)


  1. what a brilliant idea! and any spares can be used as gift tags with tips on how to look after you alien.
    We're having a coffee morning sale of work at the beginning of Nov, so if you can donate something enail me for my address

  2. This is really clever, as little hands are often covered with sticky stuff and dirt. Great cards!