Monday, 9 November 2009


Well we queued in temperatures of about 0 degrees C from 8.50 until 11.45, then we were moved inside and finally at 12.30 Aleksi got his swine flu jab and seasonal flu jab. Poor lad, he puts up , without a whimper, 5+ injections every day but he screamed blue murder with his flu jabs! He was not impressed to say the least. But now it's done and I feel quite relieved. No reactions so far almost 12 hours later so I might get a good nights sleep.
It is typical November at the moment - GREY! We may get some snow tomorrow which does help brighten things a bit plus the kids love the snow! Hot soup and mulled wine weather!
Felting is slow, which it shouldn't be as I have a craft fair looming - other stuff seems to be taking over at the moment. I have noses and buttons to put on 20 or so snowmen! Tomorrow is another day however........


  1. poor kid,still it should put your mind at rest

  2. Posted and linked you the ladybugs on flickr.