Thursday, 26 November 2009


You can't escape numbers, birth dates, prices, bus times, holidays...
Some numbers are good, my favourite number 9 stems back to the days I used to play field hockey. I was the centre forward always in search of the glory goal - all the best strikers wore number 9. I still have the shirt!
102 is a great number - the total number of years that my parents, my 2 brothers and I have been married to our respective partners.
13 is not all bad - we live in our lovely house at number 13 and Aleksi was born on the 13th - definately can't be bad!
Some numbers have tragic stories to tell - 9/11 2001 is one example. However 11 days later on 9/22 2001 a beautiful story unfolded - our wedding day!
Our life now is ruled by numbers, some too high ,some too low and with luck and hard work some just right. My favourite - anything between 5 and 7 is perfect!
So in 3 months time we will go back to get Aleksi's 'numbers' checked - to see if his HbA1c has come down after its present blip of 8.2. So carbs will be counted, units of insulin calculated , ratios altered , in search of that perfect number - whatever it is.......

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  1. It's like our lives are spent chasing numbers. It is Thanksgiving here today...have a wonderful day with your wonderful family!