Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Vaccination time

Next week Aleksi is due his swine flu vaccination, being in risk group 3 here in Finland - Type 1 and asthma. He is also due the usual flu jab and his final MMR jab - whew!( We have to leave at least a month after the swine flu jab before he can have the MMR)
My concern is to get the swine flu jab as soon as possible, the bugs are heading our way!I feel we could cope with haywire blood sugars but not with poorly lungs. Elli should also get the jab the end of this month and Hubby and I , with luck may get the jab too. I have no doubt it is the right thing to do but I know it is a very personal choice.
More cheery matters - Christmas is rapidly approaching and I am furiously felting snowmen, gingerbread men and christmas trees! I have made some more flowers and plants in pots(photos soon) and Elli has been drawing me some more alien and virus designs! I have a 5 day christmas fair in Helsinki early December which isn't too far away now, so back to the foam and needle!


  1. I am so glad you are felting like crazy. I have been doing a lot of clay lately. I miss my wool! Love the fruits and veggies at the top of the page. Charming.



  2. poor Aleksi, all those jags so close together!