Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Too many questions

I have so many questions going through my head at the moment and I have no idea where to start!
  • Have I bought Christmas gifts for all those people I need to get gifts for?
  • Did I really buy up half of Amazon's stock!?
  • Have I forgotten anyone off my Christmas card list?
  • What will happen at the eye clinic tomorrow when I see the neuro opthamologist?
  • Do we start using the insulin pump with Aleksi?
  • Will Aleksi's blood sugar settle down a bit? (please!)
  • Will we get to UK for Christmas without too much hassle? (strikes permitting)
  • Can it possibly get any colder? (-16 C at the moment)
  • While it's this cold will I get chance to defrost the freezer?
  • Where can I store all my wool!?
  • Do I have enough wool!?

Not earth shattering stuff I know but these things niggle away sometimes. Some are easily answered, others we just have to wait for the answer and some take a lot of time, talking, advice and support from friends before we know the answer.
And tomorrow, more questions and hopefully some answers too!


  1. Do you have enough wool? No! Silly question! ;)

  2. I think you get questions from different levels of importance. What of the gifts ... I don`t know if you should buy gifts for the whole list of people you've seen, Would not it be more meaningful if you make them yourself? (Of course, if you have time to do) ...
    The visit to the ophthalmologist ... you can expect results only trying to keep calm and assess the alternatives.
    About the Temperature ... it good to take advantage of defrost your refrigerator ... and I envy you because in my country is summer and I'm dying of heat.
    About wool ... you have baskets? look very nice placed in baskets like decorative objects ... and I suppose if you have enough wool depends on the amount of things you want to knit:)
    I sincerely hope that the visit to the doctor out well and you can enjoy the holidays without worry.
    A big hug.

  3. There is NEVER enough wool. Not even if you are a sheep.