Sunday, 16 November 2008

The curse of the smelly washing machine!

Oh boy does it smell - I'm convinced something has crawled in and die. It smells terrible. I presume it is just 6½ of gunk finally making it's presence known. I have done a 90 degree wah with vinegar which loosened up a lot of gunge. Not pleasant to see it floating around the washing machine. Now several rinse cycles later it smell as a little better. I found some washer cleaner at the supermarket so that is now running through. Meanwhile , with no tumble dryer my washing pile is slowly taking over the bathroom again, competing with the drying clean washing. A man is coming Tuesday morning to check out the dryer so fingers crossed he'll get it up and running again. Felting has had to take bit of a back seat at the moment. Aleksi has been home sick (which has sent his blood sugar haywire), the garden needed finally putting to bed before it gets really wintery. That's done so it can snow al it likes now!
We go to the hospital tomorrow for Aleksi's diabetes clinic check up, exactly 1 year since diagnosis. So he has to have a battery of blood tests including the HbA1c and I think they are going to alter his insulin regime. I am pleased to say one year has passed without major incident, no emergencies and no hospital admissions, for which I am very grateful. I know there will be hard times but so far so good. Fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow!
At Aleksi's request I made this as a gift for his diabetes nurse - sugar free candy cane of course!

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