Saturday, 8 November 2008

Day 2

A good day today on many counts. Mr 'footcream' on my right, after a little 'discussion' early on in the day was much more considerate about the space issue and only nearly got poked with a single needle once!! The lady on my left managed to stay awake all day and only needed a couple of prods to alert her to customers! I managed to earn 10 times more than yesterday so am a lot happier. Highlight of the day - an elderly lady, in no uncertain terms, telling mr footcream that she did not want her glasses cleaned as she had done it herself that morning( Mr footcream also sells spectacle lens cleaner!) Just as good was the look of sheer delight on another lady's face as she took home Archie Alien to a new home! Finally a young lad bought Ray the musical note for his guitar teacher - a lady who owns a craft shop spotted Ray and asked if I could make a job lot for her shop. Oh Almost forgot the Russian lady who wants me to give her a couple of private felting tuition lessons - yes , definitely a good day :)


  1. I think you got me mixed up with the glass cleaning lady :) Archie came home with me and now sits next to me, watching Star Trek :)

  2. Wonderful, I think Archie will love Star Trek( he is also a great Star wars fan too!) :)