Friday, 7 November 2008

Day 1

An interesting experience on my first day at a large handicraft fair in Helsinki. Lots of people looked, lots of people didn't look(!), lots of compliments, sales total 21 euros, total hours worked 10½, hourly rate 2 euros! However it was fun but exhausting. The space I have is tiny and to my right is a bear of a man selling 'the worlds best foot cream' - in his enthusiastic sales pitch however he kept on bashing into my table causing a cascade of snowmen! He almost got a fully loaded 6 felting needle holder somewhere painful!
On my left is a girl who spent most of the fair asleep, with her customers trying to pay me for her goods and me then spending most of the day nudging her awake to tell her she had customers. What a day....
So back for more tomorrow!

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