Monday, 10 November 2008

The day after Day 3

Definitely a Sunday morning start yesterday - but gradually everyone woke up and overall another good day! At least I covered my costs of being there which is always a good start! My tonttu hats were my best seller , followed by my needle felting kits! Lots of people wanted just the needles so they will definitely be on my 'to sell' list next time. It is really hard to know what people will like/not like, buy/not buy but it was good experience and I'm now looking ahead to my next sale early December(5 days !!!)
Day off today, well from felting anyway! The washing has taken over the bathroom, the washing up has taken over the kitchen and the kids toys have taken over the whole house :) Coffee and a surf first.........


  1. you're surviving, which is good!
    enjoy your caffeine break!

  2. Wow, the first show is always the hardest... you don't know what to expect and you often feel a little unsure of what will sell. Sounds like you did really well though... someone told me at my first show... 'Remember that your first show is about advertising and learning, so draw as much in and follow those leads!'

    So go and get 'em!

    Sara xx